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How we began

Landing Mortgage was established in 2006 at the Naples Airport by a pilot who loved flying and working in the mortgage industry. In 2008, the company was purchased by Melinda Sweet, an expert in banking, finance, real estate and mortgage. Her father Walter was also a pilot, and they spent much of their time together in the sky.

Since then, Melinda has navigated the mortgage process as smoothly as her father’s plane. Driven by our client’s best interests, Landing Mortgage has grown into a reputable private brokerage offering one-on-one mortgage solutions with an emphasis on concierge service.

Who we are

Experienced in all facets of the mortgage industry, the Landing Mortgage team is highly-trained and dedicated to finding your perfect mortgage solution. We’re known for our reliability, personalization and constant communication.

Melinda Sweet - Mortgage Broker - Naples, Fl

Melinda Sweet

President / Owner


Experienced Mortgage broker with 30+ years of successfully helping clients through the mortgage process.

Jane Wayne

Mortgage Loan Originator


• Conventional
• Reverse Mortgage Specialist
• HUD Certified Housing Counselor

Contact us

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